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Amba Sauce

Yields1 Serving

Zippy Mangu Sauce

 0.50 Mango
 1 tbsp Turmeric
 1 tbsp paprika
 0.50 tbsp fenugreek
 0.50 tbsp mustard
 0.50 cup apple vinegar
 1 tbsp sumac
 2 tbsp cumin
 1 tsp salt
 2 tbsp sugar

peel and cut the mango, originally mango slices are fermented with sugar for 2-3 days in a jar.
otherwise, cook the mango in a bit of water and puree well using a hand mixer


mix all the spices, vinegar, and sugar and cook on low heat for a couple of minutes.
let it cool completely and cold store in a jar.
this sauce holds for over 3 months!