Top Street-food! meet the Araies

when it comes to simple street food – Araies are one of my favorites! it’s crunchy from the outside with a juicy party from inside.

so what are Araies? it’s simply a flatbread like Pita (check – Pita gave birth to Pizza) that is stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, herbs, onions, and Spices – same like Kabab recipe, and all this is spread evenly inside the pita making a thin layer of meat inside, to make it crispy and help cooking, the pita is then covered with olive oil and all this business is then grilled, flipping it fast every 10 seconds so it gets golden brown and crispy. you can find Araies in different names like the Alexandrian Hawawshy in Egypt or the Algerian Mahajieb, it is very common to find the same dish in different names in Arabic cookery.
there is a cooking process that makes this greatness happen
as you already know it is very easy to make yet still very delicious, there is a cooking process that makes this greatness happen – as the pita is being grilled, the hot olive oil starts transferring heat to cook the meat keeping all the juices inside the pita ( a fat Tasty bite! ) meanwhile the sizzling oil makes the crispy crust. Araies are not known around the globe therefor as a Street food, it can be a hit, also for home cooking its fun just get the pitas, minced meat and you’re halfway through! easily feeds 4-6.

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