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Our meals are specially packaged in a refrigerated box and shipped with ice packs to keep your package cold during transit.

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Pita Gave Birth to Pizza

Pita is the western name for Arabic bread which Arabs call it also as Khobz ‘adi or Kumaj -a Turkish loanword, it is a leavened wheat flatbread which can be oval or round and different in size, in Arabic cookery almost all the Bread will be flat – even sweet ka’ak which became “cake” in […]

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Top Street-food! meet the Araies

when it comes to simple street food – Araies are one of my favorites! it’s crunchy from the outside with a juicy party from inside. so what are Araies? it’s simply a flatbread like Pita (check – Pita gave birth to Pizza) that is stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, herbs, onions, and Spices […]

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The Tears of Chios in the Sultans Kitchen

Mastic or as it’s also called Arabic gum is a resin obtained from the Mastic tree and its use goes back thousands of years. these magical pearls are widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine – especially in the medieval Arabic recipes where its use in flavoring stews, broths is more exessive than today’s everyday cooking, […]

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